3/8″ Grade 2 Nylon Lock Nut

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  • 3/8″-16
  • Grade 2
  • Zinc Plated


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3/8″ Grade 2 Nylon Lock Nut

Lock nuts do not readily loosen when placed on bolts. This makes them useful for holding wheels onto axles, or in automotive engines where machine vibration would otherwise loosen the fastener. Lock nuts may also be used as jam nuts, threaded over another nut to keep it in place.

Threads are molded into the nylon insert locking the bolt into place. Nylon Insert Lock Nuts typically have a cased metal outside formed into a hex pattern easily torqued by a wrench or socket. Type NE Grade A. ASME B1.1 UNC and UNF Class 2B thread requirement. Zinc plating, retards the corrosion rate in a normal atmosphere.

Dia/Thread Size: 3/8″-16
Finish: Zinc
Grade: 2
Material: Steel
Series: NE
Thickness: 0.468″
Thread: Coarse
Type: Nylon Insert Lock Nut
Wrench Size: 9/16″
Product Weight: 0.0178

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Weight 0.0178 lbs


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